PURA 5000


A beautiful bathroom deserves a beautiful shower space. The pura 5000 hinged door enclosure range boasts unparalleled quality and style. Designed with discreet hidden features and beautiful eye-catching elements, the pura 5000 is a timeless and fully immersive enclosure suitable for shower trays and wetroom floors.

Featuring, as standard across the Sealskin duka 5000 range, precision UV-glued hinges, refined handle detailing, colour customisation, a range of glass finishes and easy-cleaning access. The pura 5000 hinged door enclosure is entirely customisable and oozes style and confidence whilst delivering market-leading technology and unbeatable durability.

Choose from a variety of hinge and handle inlays, any height up to 2250mm, 8mm toughened safety glass and alcove, corner, and three-sided solutions


The atmosphere and appearance of your shower space is largely determined by the colour and type of glass you use. The pura 5000 is available in a range of different printing options ensuring you can create the style that suits. All product ranges from Sealskin duka come with optional glass protection to aid with cleaning, maintenance and longevity.

Profile colours: chrome and brushed nickel
Glass options: transparent, satin, semi-satin, mist and grey
Glass protection options: Sealglass and ProCare
Hinge and handle options: chrome, brushed nickel, black glass insert, white glass insert


Pleasant to use

Fitted with intelligent autoclose hinged doors as standard. The inside door handle is equipped with a silicone soft-touch inlay, giving the handle a delightful feel and preventing any damage to the tiles or taps when the door turns inwards. The handle is positioned on the closing profile, creating a seamless finish with infinite cleaning benefits.

Carefree maintenance

Every fixing on these doors is connected using UV bonding technology, providing a fully flush inner surface to the enclosure for absolute ease of cleaning.

Easy to install

All fixed parts of the sliding doors and the side walls have a 25mm adjustment to allow the shower to be levelled.

The safety glass is easily adjusted to the right width, always resulting in a shower with the same profile width.

Visible screws and plastic are a thing of the past, as the entire technology is hidden from view by an aluminium clamping profile.

The adjustment mechanism is installed on the glass, rather than within the profile. The glass has a pre-installed profile with a unique mechanism attached. To install and adjust the door, simple guide the glass into place within the wall profile and turn the mechanism with the allen key provided. This will move the glass in and out depending on the rotation.