ACQUA 5000


Redesigned in 2021, the timelessly elegant acqua 5000 sliding door range effortlessly showcases the ability to remain customisable, without compromising the exceptional quality and precision engineering that is consistent across the range.

The acqua 5000 range of sliding door enclosures are designed to the very highest standards of performance with 8mm toughened safety glass, manufactured to any height up to 2250mm. The range has solutions for alcoves, corners, and three-sided enclosures, for both wetroom floors and shower trays.

Available as a bespoke design with a range of colour, glass and detailing options, these unique features and exceptional build quality confirm acqua 5000 sliding shower doors as the finest available.

Profile & Glass Options

The atmosphere and appearance of your shower space is largely determined by the colour and type of glass you use. The acqua 5000 is available in a range of different printing options ensuring you can create the style that suits. All product ranges from Sealskin duka come with optional glass protection to aid with cleaning, maintenance and longevity.

Profile colours: chrome, brushed nickel and black
Glass options: transparent, transparent incl. white print, transparent incl. black print, satin, semi-satin, grey, mirrored, fixed part mirrored with sliding part transparent, fixed part mirrored with sliding part transparent incl. white print, fixed part mirrored with sliding part transparent incl. black print, grey/black semi-satin, mist and haze
Glass protection options: Sealglass and ProCare
Towel holder: optional, must be specified when ordering


Pleasant to use

The sliding doors of the acqua 5000 are equipped with intelligent soft open-close technology, tuned to perfection. A simple touch is sufficient to effortlessly glide open or close the door. Invisible, hydraulic dampeners eliminate any possible finger trapping, providing safe and enjoyable operation for all ages.

Carefree maintenance

Thanks to the ingenious easy-clean system of the acqua 5000 sliding door, the sliding section of the door can be safely accessed from the outside with the touch of a finger. In addition, the fastenings on the 8mm safety glass are UV-glued. This provides a completely flat surface to further make cleaning and maintenance a simple and easy task.

Once closed, the individual sliding glass elements do not overlap, but align together perfectly. This attention to detail, paired with the minimalist designed handle placed directly on the profile offers a modern design twist to the enclosure and significantly aids the cleaning process.

Easy to install

All fixed panel profiles of the sliding doors and the side panels have 25mm adjustment. The adjustment mechanism is installed on the safety glass, rather than within the profile, always resulting in a shower with the same profile width. The wall profile does not get any wider, no matter how crooked the wall is.

The glass has a pre-installed profile with a unique screw mechanism attached. To install and adjust the door, simple guide the glass into place within the wall profile and turn the screw with the allen key provided. This will move the glass in and out depending on the rotation.

Visible screws and plastic are a thing of the past, as the entire technology is hidden from view by an aluminium clamping profile.