Enclosure Ranges


The Sealskin duka range of enclosures all feature class-leading engineering and attention to detail.

Hidden intelligent “Open & Close” mechanisms ensure glass doors slide smoothly on the last few inches automatically into the “open” or “closed” end position – a plus of comfort for any bathroom.

The UV adhesive technique is the most elegant way to bond glass to other materials – transparent, clean, odourless, durable and stable. The ultimate strength withstands forces that exceed the structural limits of glass or other materials by far. All fixings, including hinges and rollers alike, are glued, resulting in a completely untouched glass surface.

Shower enclosures with releasable sliding elements have the big advantage of easy cleaning between the glass panels. Every enclosure and screen in the Sealskin duka collection comes with a choice of glass protection to aid with cleaning, maintenance and longevity