Unsure how to tackle the design and make the most of an awkward space, the homeowner contacted local interior designer Charlotte Jarega, for help. Explained Charlotte: “The property is a beautiful Victorian terraced house, packed with original features. Unfortunately, the guest bathroom was victim of an unsympathetic nineties makeover. A large shower area, plus bath was making it feel rather cramped and dark and the owner wanted help to make the room lighter and more spacious, complementing the décor throughout the rest of her home.”

For this project, functionality was key. The homeowner had already chosen the feature tiles and wanted to bring them to life, so this became the inspiration for the style of the room. Charlotte’s idea of a botanical theme was welcomed by her client, and the design progressed to incorporate texture, a muted colour palette and a variety of balancing materials. The shower enclosure was a key element of the design as Charlotte explained: “Creation of a light and bright space was so important for my client and at the same time we wanted to create a large, functional showering area.


“I selected the Sealskin duka shower enclosure range for this space, as I knew it would be a very versatile option. Because this room is primarily used by guests, it needed to be robust and adaptable enough to be used by all ages of guest, with a variety of mobilities. That is why we chose to use an inbuilt, tiled seating area within the shower enclosure itself with a handheld shower option. It’s ideal for all shower users from smaller children to those in the older age bracket; and it can be used as a storage shelf as well as a seat.”

Charlotte specified the pura 5000 enclosure, which incorporated a hinged door, full side panel and a bespoke tailored side panel to fit perfectly around the purpose-built seat. The enclosure was placed onto an Impey Aqua-Dec Easy Fit shower floor and waterproofed with Impey Waterguard.


The understated elegance of the pura 5000 is ideal for the sleek and sophisticated design scheme that Charlotte devised for the shower room. Boasting brushed nickel profiles, a seamlessly finished handle, combines with an intelligent autoclose hinged door. Every fixing on the pura 5000 is connected using market-leading UV bonding technology, creating a smart finish, and ensuring a fully flush inner surface for ease of cleaning.

Designed with discreet hidden features, the pura 5000 is a refined choice, combining the utmost quality with a sleek, stylish aesthetic.

Said Charlotte: “The pura 5000 is the ideal choice for this shower room. The customisation options for the profile colours, glass and finishing details ensure that I could integrate the enclosure perfectly with the design scheme of the whole room.


“I was incredibly impressed with the functionality of the unique QR code, which I believe every Sealskin duka enclosure has. It gives instant access to all the information about the product, going right back to the initial order placement. We wanted to order an extra deep seal and all we needed to provide was the QR code and the manufacturing facility were then able to identify exactly what product we had. No rifling through paperwork or taking measurements.”

To complement the pura 5000 enclosure and Ca Pietra tiles, a coloured concrete sink set upon a wooden vanity creates a focal point between the two windows. A purpose-built cupboard boxes in existing plumbing and keeps clutter to a minimum, maintaining the botanical theme of the room.

Charlotte concludes: “My client is thrilled with the finished room. The contemporary Sealskin duka enclosure works well with all the other elements in the design. It was quick and simple to install and is undoubtedly fantastic quality.”

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