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Sealglass is produced with a fully transparent coating that closes the pores of the glass. The Sealglass coating is water and dirt resistant meaning water remains on the surface as droplets that run off the glass more easily. This reduces the amount of limescale able to build up on the glass meaning that the glass is quicker and easier to clean and maintain than standard glass. It is important to note that you MUST NOT use abrasive, corrosive, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents on any Sealglass coated glass.


ProCare glass is treated from limescale and dirt build-up. Unlike standard glass coatings, this method creates a single structure with the glass, as opposed to a separate layer that could wear over time. This glass is produced through an innovative procedure, which applies metal oxides to the glass whilst it is a vacuum. Once the glass is hardened the metal oxides activate, remaining in place permanently. ProCare is the high-quality alternative to the Sealglass, ensuring lifelong protection.