Bespoke Solutions


Sealskin duka shower enclosures are tailor-made with no exception. Every third shower enclosure that leaves our factory is made to measure. That’s why the ordering process for a custom-designed shower doesn’t change much – it’s as easy, fast and efficient as a standard enclosure.

How can my tailor-made shower be adapted?

Tailor-made shower enclosures are just like bespoke tailoring: made just for you, regardless of whether it is to be fitted under a sloping roof or customers orders with tailor-made products.

Do I have to wait a long time for my tailor-made shower enclosure?

Sealskin duka is a specialist in custom dimensions and ever glass component is cut with millimetre precision. That’s why our delivery times are kept to a minimum, even with tailor-made products.


Every Sealskin duka enclosure has a unique QR and ID code dedicated to you. This detail provides access to all the relevant information about your enclosure, from it’s initial order, details on the exact team member who assembled it, right through to the date of completion. It allows us to view all production details, for both standard and bespoke items, meaning that we can assist with any queries immediately.


Whether bespoke or a standard size, every Sealskin duka enclosure is hand-made exclusively to order. All customisations are one-off projects overseen by a dedicated team, with every shower enclosure designed to the millimetre with laser-like precision in order to fit your bathroom plans perfectly.


The Sealskin duka 5000 collection comes with optional glass protection to aid with cleaning, maintenance and longevity.

If you opt for the ProCare option, the glass will be treated to protect it from limescale and dirt build-up. The glass goes through an innovative microwave procedure, applying metal oxides to the glass while it is in a vacuum. The metal oxides are then activated when the glass is hardened, remaining in place permanently. This method of protection creates a single structure together with the glass, as opposed to a separate layer that could wear over time, ensuring a lifelong protection. 

If you opt for the Sealglass option, the glass will receive a fully-transparent coating that closes the pores of the glass. The Sealglass coating is water and dirt resistant, allowing droplets to run smoothly off the glass. Additionally, less limescale remains from the running water droplets, resulting in a glass screen that is quicker and easier to clean and maintain.