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With a keen eye for detail and a passion for ‘making living lovely’ Jordan and Russell have a reputation for creating beautiful bathrooms. Eager to get to work with our stunning acqua 5000 range, they have designed the ‘shower room of dreams’. We caught up with them to find out about their shower-room inspiration and the experience of working with the Sealskin duka range for the first time.

Can you tell us about your design background & how it fits in with the work you’re currently doing with our shower enclosure range? 

Bathrooms have become a calling card in our interiors, and we do love to create spaces with impact.

We believe that when it comes to bathroom design, quality fittings are key. A bathroom space needs to be functional above all and so it’s important to spend as much as you can on the hardware and fittings. They will last longer and be a pleasure to handle each day. 

When we saw the Sealskin duka range, the quality speaks for itself and there was an instant brand connection on a personal level; that was the real draw for us to work with the team as ambassadors for the launch.

We are curious about new materials and always challenge ourselves to find new combinations that make us excited; this seems to be synonymous with the ethics and principles of the Sealskin duka team.

How did you develop your signature style for the flagship room-set you created?

We believe your home should facilitate your best life and help you to become the best version of yourself. Sometimes that can mean stepping out of your comfort zone and making a bold statement, so we are not afraid to go there.

In the space we designed, we’ve incorporated bold curves, sexy smoked glass, lots of texture and our signature use of colour. It’s a space that we dream of having in our home one day. We wanted to create an eye – catching and inspiring room that allowed the beauty of the Sealskin duka products to shine.

Tell us about your first impressions of our Sealskin duka range?

We were impressed by the way the enclosures operate, and the clean lines of the range.

The soft closes on the doors, and the smooth gliding are very nice.

It is clear that thought and effort has gone into each aspect to bring minimal detail with maximum function and that is always a pleasure to see. 

All of the products are made to measure, with options to choose the glass finish and the colour of the profiles; this makes catering for difficult spaces easy.

How important are high quality fittings and fixtures in a bathroom design? 

So important. Get those elements right and then you can have fun with other finishes like tile and paint. A bathroom that breaks all the time or is impossible to keep clean will never be a joy, so put time into choosing fittings that will be robust and a pleasure to live with. 

What would you choose as a stand-out product from our new Sealskin duka range & why?

The smoked glass acqua 5000 sliding shower screen is very sexy. Watch out for smoked glass making a big impact in the bathroom; it’s dramatic and has a retro edge; we love it.

What do you feel sets the products apart?

The detailing on all the products is what sets them apart for us. The attention to detail is clear and makes it even more desirable. It also feels sturdy as the finish is so strong. 

There is such a strong design focus in the way the Sealskin duka range of shower screens has been conceived, so that nothing takes you out of the bathroom fantasy. From the soft close action, to the clip at the bottom that allows easy access for cleaning and the flush fitted clean lines of the sturdy sliding mechanism. These are all little touches that make it more pleasing to use.

What are your design tips for creating a ‘wow factor’ wetroom? 

‘Wow factor’ is individual and that’s what keeps us interested in working with our clients.
Having products that can help us to create that individuality is important, and we found that the personalisation options available as part of the Sealskin duka range meant that we were able to be very creative with the design of the shower enclosure.

Consider contrasting colour and texture; this is a great tool to add impact to a bathroom.

We also love strong curved lines to break with the convention of straight-lined bathrooms; which is exactly what we wanted to focus on in the design we created.

Beyond that, your wetroom must be right for you and fulfil your needs. Utilising the maximum area available to you and creating a larger showering space is more visually stunning and will be comfortable and luxurious to use.

Think about your showering preferences, accessibility options and who may be utilising the space. This should give you a good idea about layout options for your shower area or wetroom. And of course, consulting your interior designer or bathroom designer is important; they will have experience of many different layouts and may be able to offer some options you haven’t thought of.

How did you feel about working on the Sealskin duka UK launch? 

We love to design a bathroom, especially a fantasy one like this, so it has been fun to share.

Also, we loved the launch event at the Tate Modern; it was great to meet up with other bathroom lovers like us. Face-to-face meetings still seem like such a privilege at the moment; especially those with friends in the design world, which are something to be cherished. 

Sustainability and ethical manufacture are integral brand values to the Sealskin duka partnership. As designers, what are your thoughts on sustainable manufacture and future proofing of the design process? 

These values are so important. Bathrooms are spaces that can enhance wellbeing and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are choosing products that are built to last and have minimal waste is invaluable.

We have learnt that every Sealskin duka product is a tailor-made piece which leads to less wastage. Coupled with the environmentally friendly production framework that is in place for the manufacture of the whole product range. It’s great to see big steps being made in sustainable manufacturing.