Outstanding hand-made shower enclosures of the very finest quality.


Clear lines, understated elegance and only the very highest quality materials make Sealskin duka shower enclosures an eye-catching feature in every bathroom.

Designed to be installed on both wetroom floors and shower trays, the collection of Sealskin duka 5000 enclosures and screens boast cutting-edge technology and market leading design.

Sealskin duka.

Founded by Gerrit van Loon over 265 years ago, Sealskin began life as an international producer of leather products. The brand further expanded its product range to include shower curtains. From this point, Sealskin began designing and creating shower enclosures.

In recent times, Sealskin has partnered with leading Italian shower enclosure specialist Duka, a 40 year old family business boasting multiple design awards across Europe and a sustainably self-sufficient factory that redefines bespoke manufacturing and attention to detail. High-quality raw materials underpin the production process of every Sealskin duka enclosure.

The assembly of each is the responsibility of one person, cared for and sculpted to the very highest standards of performance and design. Every Sealskin duka enclosure is guaranteed 10 years.


Decades of experience and advanced manufacturing facilities envied globally allow Sealskin duka to deliver tailor-made bespoke solutions which are both aesthetically pleasing and guarantee outstanding performance.


The Italian production facility of the enclosures uses innovative cooling and heating systems, drawing from sustainable local sources. The premises are heated using local thermal energy, drawing from waste energy produced by local factories. This source of heat is fully sustainable, creating a consistent environment within the factory.

The facility is then cooled using a revolutionary system that draws from local river water to reduce heatthroughout the premise and ensure it is maintained at an optimum temperature all year round.

The use of recyclable materials or materials which can be collected in specialised facilities and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner is of the greatest importance. Manufacturing bespoke single orders offers the ability to calculate raw material consumption with acute precision and maintain waste residue to a minimum.

  • European manufacturing and logistics 
  • The highest quality aluminium from Austria
  • Premium glass from Venice
  • Precision engineering from South Tyrol (Italy)
  • Award-winning Italian design flair